The current edition of the original "The Curry Secret" includes these mouthwatering new recipes


Balti Chicken Pasanda

This balti dish requires some time for marinating but is well worth the wait. It has a delicious thick sauce and is wonderful eaten with fruity pillau and plain nan bread.


Chicken Jalfrezi

With a fresh taste of capsicums and tomatoes, this delicious curry has a really thick sauce that clings to the meat and vegetables.


Nargis Kebab & Nargis Kebab Curry

The Indian version of the Scotch Egg, this dish is becoming increasingly popular. The name Nargis is thought to come from the Persian word for Narcissus and the Nargis Kebab or Nargis Kofta as it is sometimes called has many enthusiasts.


Prawn Patia

A delectable combination of hot, sweet and sour, Patia is a Parsee dish that was brought to India by the Parsees some 1,000 years ago. It is traditionally made with fish or prawns although chicken and lamb versions have been popular in recent years.


Reshmi Kebabs (Silken Kebabs)

These smooth as silk kebabs get their name from the succulence of the meat after prolonged marinating and light braising. They can be made with either lamb or chicken -whichever you prefer. Try them with mint chutney as a starter, or serve with a dhal as a main course.


Shaslik – Lamb or Chicken

Marinated pieces of tender meat, spiced, skewered and grilled to perfection combined with grilled fresh vegetables combine to make this irresistible food.


Bombay Aloo

This spicy potato dish is excellent served as a side dish. Or try it with poppadoms and yoghurt mint sauce as a snack - delicious


Chicken Stuffed Chilli Pepper

Spicy chicken stuffed in a peppery banana chilli and fried until golden and crisp. Banana chillies are yellowish green mild tasting chillies the shape of a banana and about half the size.


Stuffed Chilli Pepper – Vegetarian

The large yellowish green chilli peppers, sometimes known as banana chillies, used for this dish have a mild peppery taste and are less fleshy than capsicum. Delicious served as a starter or side dish, this is a great way to use up left over mashed potato!


Fruity Pillau

The sultanas and almonds in this dish add a nice touch of decadence and sweetness, really good when served with a spicy curry.


Mint Chutney

Mint Chutney does not require any cooking and has a wonderful fresh spicy taste.


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